A Short HUTSIM Description

A basic approach in HUTSIM is that real signal controllers can be connected with the simulator in order to test and evaluate different control strategies. However recently HUTSIM is also equipped with its own signal control facilities like coordinated fixed time, signal group oriented vehicle actuation and fuzzy signal control.

HUTSIM is an object oriented model, which makes it flexible for constructing most various kind of intersections and traffic environments. Models are constructed from several types of craphic objects, which are drawn on computer screen by using mouse. After drawing appropriate connections are assigned and object properties set before saving into a file. Completed configuration files can be used for simulation.

HUTSIM rule-based vehicle dynamics provides a consistent behavior in wide range of traffic situations. Each vehicle and other objects are trated indivually and their status is updated 2-20 times per second depending on load. The maximum number of simulated vehicles is restricted by the computer speed.

HUTSIM allows several types of input and output text files. Input files can be used to for changing traffic during simulation or to cause other events to the simulation process. As output a formatted report are obtained including averaged results of traffic flow and signal functions. A detailed output files including one text row per event are available. HUTSIM on-line animation allows comprehensive demonstration during simulation.

HUTSIM is calibrated based on large amount of field measurements using traffic analysators, video cameras and instrumented vehicles. The results obtained with selected micro parameters (gaps, acceleration, decelaration rates etc. of different vehicle types) were compared with results obtained from the field (average delays, saturation flows etc).

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