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HUTSIM demo diskette

HUTSIM demo version is free to be downloaded. The ZIP-file includes demo versions of HUTSIM and HUTEDI executables. Restrictions in demo versions: HUTSIM runs up to 15 minutes. In HUTEDI large models cannot be saved. The file also contains several example models and brief documentation. The ZIP file will create necessary subdirectories relative to the directory in which it is discharged. Demo HUTSIM can be run under DOS and Windows-95/NT. The included models are selected to demonstrate the available features of HUTSIM.

HUTSIM.BAT and HUTEDI.BAT starts the programs normally. EDITOR.BAT starts HUTEDI demonstration, which stops automatically. Other BAT-files starts HUTSIM associated with a model file. Simulations starts and stops automatically or can be stopped by pressing Shift-F2. Shortcut icons are also supplied to start BAT-files however the path settings may needed to be modified.

Download HUTSIM demo Now.

To obtain licenced HUTSIM version see prices on page "Purchasing".

HUTSIM model libraries:

Note: not all models are quaranteed to be 100% error free, especially in HL3. Remove old libraries on same name before installing a new one. ZIP-file will create necessary subdirectories relative to the directory it is discharged. Do not save your own models into the HL-libraries.

Other support material:

Tool program package available on request.

Articles on HUTSIM see the document download page.

HUTSIM 4.2 - Reference Manual available on request.

Complete HUTSIM description (thesis) available on request.

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