Co-operation Partners


Finnish Road Administration (FinnRA) has been supporting HUTSIM development and related research from very beginning. FinnRA has supported the research of saturation flows, low demand control strategies as well as examination of some highway and ring road sections by using HUTSIM.

Helsinki City Planning Department, Traffic Planning Division is one of the initiators of HUTSIM development. Valuable knowledge of traffic signal control operation as well important user feedback has been received due to this co-operation. Also calibration projects of public transport vehicles has been carried out together with Traffic Planning Division of Helsinki.


A well established co-operation with TFK - Transport Research Institute has been continued since 1991. Several projects on evaluation of signal control strategies by using HUTSIM has been carried out succesfully. The projects involved with TFK are PROMPT, SOS-II, INCOME, DYNAMIT-I and GUTS in which HUTSIM has been continuously developed.

A long term co-operation project with KTH - Royal Institute of Technology has been started in 1996. A this TPMA-project as new micro model for highway simulation will be developed based on principles obtained from HUTSIM.


With The Nottingham Trent University HUTSIM will be enhanced with distributed simulation facilities, which will allow flexible division of various simulation and control tasks over several PC:s. This approach can be used to split large simulation models over multiple PC:s to overcome capacity problems. On-line communication with UTC-systems (SCOOT) is being developed. The communication over network is performed by DIME (Ditributed Memory Environment) system developed by NTU / Real-time Telemetry Systems.


Fuzzy Signal Control (FUSICO) project University of Delaware is being carried out together with UDel. In this project new signal control strategies will be developed based on sets of fuzzy rules that can be used to imitate human reasoning process.

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